All that is real is seen with the heart. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain

Vivian Greene is a visionary, artist, author and entrepreneur who spreads her messages of greater love and awareness to everyone on the planet.

Her intrinsic values are recognized by business moguls who seek her advice and major corporations who are encouraged to balance the highest good with the bottom line.

Vivian also enables artists, authors, photographers, speakers and visionaries to serve others and prosper by turning their works into inspiring products. This is your chance to dance in the rain with her and see this world be the best it can be.

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Life is not about waiting...

This classic quote from Vivian Greene's poem Dancing in the Rain is a Collectable yours for a $25 donation or more while supplies last.


All that is real is seen with the heart.™

Little Leaf

This beautiful print about the Power of Gratitude is Free with any donation of $10 or more.

All that is real is seen with the heart.™

Cast A Blessing

Shriners Hospitals for Children is known as "The World's Greatest Philanthropy" Free care is given to children with no requirement for religion, race, or relationship to a Shriner.

Although Vivian and Shriners International are headquartered in Florida, Vivian began working with the Honolulu Chapter years ago while there to work with another children's non profit - World Family which brings orphans from Cambodia for adoption in the U.S.

Known for a rather unusual approach to fundraising - like having 1200 stores adopt a third world child, Vivian saw another possible need with Shriners. She helped initiate a Transportation Fund Raiser, so parents from the Pacific Rim could be with their children.

Free 8 x 10 print with donation of $50


All that is real is seen with the heart.™

All that is real is seen with the heart

This book illustrates our theme "All that is real is seen with the heart". Why did the caterpillar cross the road? Why didn't the butterfly fly... instead of dragging its wings on the ground? What stops us at times? An allegory for the child in all of us, IT'S A BUTTERLY WORLD will surprise you.

The cover is being offered as an Artist Proof (only 50 available signed). The first edition will not be illustrated as we are going to have a contest for new illustrator and provide the electronic copy free soon.

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All that is real is seen with the heart.™

Legal Briefs

This 11 x 14 Matted Collector Edition made of finest materials has auctioned for as much as $2500 at benefits. It comes matted in black and signed by Vivian Greene in gold. Quantity discounts and special terms are available - just ask us. Many framers have donated frames for benefits and non-profits as well.

A gift with your Donation of $800 or more.

Note: Ask about personalized versions on Canvas


All that is real is seen with the heart.™

Legal Briefs

I AM NOT ANONYMOUS is a book that will amuse and astound you. It is full of my cartoons, cards, prints and experiences of making "Legal Lemonade"® out of copyright infringements. Sometimes stores like Walmart really make great lemonade. They held the infringer's check. And they recommended my designs — which even outsold Precious Moments — to other vendors to license my work.

First we opt to collaborate or, as my attorney who wrote the forward to this book demonstrated — fight for a million dollar judgment, like one awarded for just 26 words.

When I was 17 I wrote a front page story for the Seattle Post Intelligencer. The by-line said "by Walter E Evans." Not a word had been changed. I showed the editor my original typewritten story, and he puffed his stinky cigar, and said "So? We pay you. It's like a house. If I buy it, I can paint it yellow." I quit the PI, and got my own youth page with the Seattle Times. And, I sold another version of "my" front page story to TIME magazine.

I don't believe in "no." When I couldn't afford a booth at the New York Gift Show to exhibit my greeting card prototypes, I roller skated up and down the aisles and landed on ABC News, the NY Daily News, and Joe Franklin radio show. I booked $12,000 in sales in just 3 days. I was 21. Now I needed to get the cards printed.

When the bank asked what was my collateral, I said "my word." They didn't give me a loan. But the printer did. And he printed thousands of extra cards — with his name on the back and sold them out the back door to my horror.

Decades later, the story continues. As one of my favorite Intellectual Property lawyers says "I was first contacted by Vivian Greene when a quote from her poem was being sold on the Internet by an online publisher as his "favorite quote" with the attribution of "Anonymous".

I reached 160 million readers a day with my Kisses syndicated comic strip, but that was BC (before computers). This popular publisher's calling me Anonymous spawned countless infringements. Even though you can Google Vivian Greene and come up with hundreds of my quotes, and some 80 million of my greeting cards have been sold — still — author unknown, and anonymous have my name. You'll love this book. And I'd love to give you Kisses or donate to your non-profit if you see my work by "Anonymous."

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All that is real is seen with the heart.™


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All that is real is seen with the heart.™

Dance Your Dance

Dance Your Dance is so beautifully illustrated by Dawn Drover's photography, you will feel transported into a contemplative heavenly space. Like the Little Leaf that sailed on the wind and thought it could fly you may discover how easily you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself and dance your own dance.

Please enjoy the electronic copy for free.

Or, for $100, you can get a personalized, autographed copy:

All that is real is seen with the heart.™